OK! Now, Here’s the Nitty!

When you read of my passing, don’t believe it until we meet in Heaven. I’ve had it with liars!  I put Regis Philbin in his grave and now my friend, Don,  does research and guess what? Regis is still around and I’m plum tuckered out from all the misprints, lies and innuendos. Here’s how it will be from now on: “I promise to breathe a prayer for anyone who is reported passed away, but will not print same.”  I’m disgusted with the whole shootin’ match, donchaknow. What a person in my place should do is report what is personally known to be true, otherwise put a cork in it.  I am not surprised with all the misrepresentation of facts spewed forth from the media. When I was in Journalism class down in Aggieland, back when you could believe most of what was reported, my prof would have booted my fanny out the door had I turned a paper in that was filled with lies. The demonic horde is having a field day, donchaknow. Really!Speaking of ‘passing’, I now reside in a beautiful new facility in Plano, Texas. It’s called Savannah at Gateway and it’s absolutely wonderful, only emergency vehicles are in our parking area a lot. I’ve not seen them exit with a loaded gurney so far, but it makes me realize just how close that time really is. Time’s a-wastin’, as they say. We must get on with the important duties of a member of GOD’s Family. I lift those walking in darkness to the LIGHT of the WORLD, JESUS CHRIST and HIM crucified. What a Glorious GIFT our Loving Heavenly FATHER has given to us, free of charge! Every sin of every one has been forgiven, but there are so many who doubt and disbelieve. How tragic is that? On a lighter note: I am so happy for Sergio Garcia. Just to have competed in over seventy matches without a major victory and then to win the “Masters”!  And we get discouraged when we share about JESUS and folks ignore us. What does that say about persistence? That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN



One thought on “OK! Now, Here’s the Nitty!

  1. Jim, I believe in telling people how I feel about them while they’re still alive. It really does no good saying things over a gravesite. With that said, it is and will be an honor to have known you. You were a major influence in my young life that I will never forget. I am glad we made contact in our later years. Live life to the fullest, enjoy your friends and family. That’s what I intend to do, and have been doing. Funny thing, getting old. In my mind, I’m still a young guy, but when I look in the mirror I wonder who the old fart is staring back at me.


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