A Trip To Wal-Mart

The shuttle ran today. It was one of those exciting events here at Savannah at Gateway. Our new driver had some riddles that sailed over our heads, but he was persistent. Probably will work out to be pretty good. He drives well and is courteous.  Sometimes people who work with us elders, do so rather off-handedly. You can always tell the ones who truly love us. I felt that my entire tour of Plano Presbyterian and Life Care Rehab in the same city, but can’t determine how things are going here.   We had just under two hours to shop Wal-Mart and that made it very comfortable. Regardless of the number of times one shops there, a new superstore holds challenges. My checkout was without difficulty and handled graciously by the checker. Sometimes checkers at Wal-Mart simply go through the motion. Supervisors should make occasional checks to see that a smile and kind word goes a long way. I learned that while ‘straightening socks’ in Mount Pleasant’s J. C. Penney in the late forties. I still miss the cable system of carriers we could send to the cashier in the balcony by pulling the spring-release. The doggone thing worked every time, too. I’ve always wondered what is done if one of the deposits gets hung-up in the outdoor teller system at a bank. While thinking about ways to get business done, have I ever told you that I worked with a broadcast engineer who purchased speakers from an out-of-business drive in theater and converted them into two-way communicators for drive-in restaurants. The first one was in Pampa, Texas. He sold the whole shooting’-match to someone like General Electric for a fortune. The only thing I ever invented was a make believe rat who wrote me notes from his corner-hole in the control room wall at KORK-radio in Las Vegas. I miss Rodney’s notes. He had a way with words and common sense. I also wrote an ‘Ode to a Commode’ when one ran over during my over-night shift at beautiful music, KODA-fm in Houston, but I don’t remember it. The only thing I ever wrote that sticks around was a limrick for Burma Shave. “Bubble Gum and blow a bubble. Face all gummed-up, too much stubble”. I still think it should have been used, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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