Doing Business With

Have you ever wondered just who you are doing business with?  As a Christian, it concerns me a great deal, especially with all the disrespect for our President. I might surprise you to know into whose pockets your purchases end up. Some of the most popular companies are controlled by ‘Progressives’ and they definitely are the enemy of believers.  Unfortunately, their products are somewhat superior and that makes them household words. Every day I discover another popular source to be owned and operated by extreme Liberals. Some of them go so far as to fire employees for even voting for Donald J. Trump. If you are curious, check out the track record of Facebook, Starbucks, Target and Progressive Insurance. They are companies where believers find problems. They are also among the most profitable in the world. You will find it interesting to learn of the growing financial problems for Starbucks with the new owners of Panera Bread. Somebody is doing 2 Chronicles 14:7, donchaknow. Really! And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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