More Than Just a Quarterback

With all the tweets and online gossip, any professional athlete who lives a fairly private life is due my respect, regardless of the uniform.  I am disappointed whenever any of them act in a way to bring about negative scrutiny. Prohibitive substance abuse seems to be the deepest pitfall, but recently, there has been too much ‘physical abuse’ in the news. Up until now, Roger, Troy, Emmitt,  Dak, Jason, Sean, Cole and Tony have managed to stay out of the headlines. Zeke seems to be apt to join Dez and Michael as ‘newsmakers’. Of course, Tony has had his plethora of print, but not in a gossipy fashion. That the Cowboy organization greatly appreciates and respects him, even though some press tried to make it an issue of the future of one of pro footballs true stars, Tony has handled the issue just like the pro he is. Now, my “number 9” is retiring (as a Cowboy) and joining the CBS crew, calling the details of NFL games for the next season. I trust  a capable Phil Simms will continue to do what he loves. As for Tony, it is obvious the jury is out. Already there are those who decry, “foul”, and predict disaster. I believe Tony to be intelligently knowledgeable with the study ethics necessary to make for excellence. There are experts who can help him smooth his delivery and that is all that is necessary to bring him inline. I have the greatest faith in “Number Nine”, and look forward to his premiere on CBS sports. I also look forward to his enshrinement in the Dallas Cowboy ‘Ring of Honor’ AND the National Football Hall of Fame in Canton. In spite of glaring disappointments, Tony Romo is still a gentleman and professional super star, worthy of our respect and honor among his peers. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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