I Can’t Tell the Difference Anymore

Newt Gingrich just emailed me in a panic. It seems the Democrats are well on the way of taking control again in the coming elections. Forgive me, Newt, but I can’t see any danger in this. The Republicans have POTUS, Senate and House and can’t seem to get off the pot, donchaknow.  I think the whole bunch needs to be put out to pasture and just before that happens, I want POTUS to do one of those ‘executive executions’ and abolish the funds that pay all those ‘misRepresentitives’ their lifetime fortune. I am still waiting for someone to jab a hole in the dyke that drains the cesspool between the monuments. The nest-egg that the ‘misRepresentatives’ have set aside for themselves would go a long way toward reversing our debt-cycle, donchaknow. I wager there is no public record of just how much they have afforded themselves while we live paycheck-to-paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, they deserve to be compensated for serving us, but not to the tune of a small fortune. It is past time for those who are sent to Washington to oversee our security and safety. Give Donald J. Trump a chance, for pity sakes! If something doesn’t change soon, I will begin a grassroots action to remove the whole bunch. There has to be a way to take control of my own business. There has to be! I would like my good friend, Mark Walker, representing northern North Carolina, to contact me and tell me the truth. It’s time for Truth or Consequences, right now. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “I Can’t Tell the Difference Anymore

  1. Jim,

    Take a look at this article on Congressional and Senatorial retirement plans. There seem to be some discrepancies with your earlier article. I’m not saying congress is innocent of malfeasance but sometimes the facts have gotten skewed and some of ujs, me included have been guilty of repeating a falsehood unintentionally.



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