Angels Descending

On Thursday morning, March 15, 2017, l was ‘visited’ by Angels. I was in Life Care Rehab Center in Plano, Texas, when heaven came down. Room 221 was ‘supercharged’ and filled with the sound of millions of feathers!  What could have been a frightening experience was simply the most peaceful moment in my life. The hair on my body stood at attention and so did my mind. I thought, “Well, here it is, I’m going HOME!”, but instead of going anywhere, I was ‘instructed’ to pay close attention. Doubt if you will, but JESUS CHRIST, can and will, communicate with a human. I’ve never felt that ultimate JOY and ANTICIPATION before, but I surely do look forward to another, donchaknow.  My life changed at that very moment. I’m no better man, but in better shape to be a better man. I have always wondered just why I have been granted so much Mercy and Grace. I’ve gloried in the opportunities I’ve had. I now have marching orders! First, I was told, “COPD will no longer limit your singing voice”.  And before I could examine that miracle, I was instructed to “Minister to those around by sharing the HOPE,  JOY and general blessings of being “Too Anointed to be disappointed and Too Blessed to be depressed. That afternoon we had a gentleman visit with his Karaoke set-up and I got more details as to how I was to do what THE LORD wanted me to do. I asked,  “What must I  do to get set  up with my own system,” and he responded, “Call the office and get my phone number. I will download all my library and help you get set up.”  So, as I shared my ‘victory’ with my family, My Boy responded with an early birthday present. I now have a killer Karaoke set up with every bell and whistle imaginable. I will call the kind gentleman on Monday and get started. Oh, and by the way, I can sing again. I’ve included audio of my theme song in this post. It’s not the pipes of yesteryear, but with GOD’s power, I will never be “without a song” again. To GOD Be The Glory! My the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable, and That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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