Show Respect, Be Neutral or Shut Up!

This is a personal note to those who are reporting news, wherever you report the news.  Report news based on facts and stop letting your opinion sneak in.  If you are doing an ‘Editorial’, say so, otherwise report respectfully or keep your mouth shut. I realize some of you are simply too smart for your own good, but ‘what you know’ is much more important than ‘what you think’.  I did news and sports sometime ago, and even though I was/am a Cowboy Fan, I never let my preference creep into any reporting of the Eagles, Giants and Washington. I am an Aggie Former Student, but never did I let my feelings about Teasippers, or Hog Callers or Bears, or Owls, or Ponies or Red Radiers or Horny Frogs, enter into any report. Today, you really can’t tell what is and what is not. Reporters are outright lying and it is being taken for truth. Disgusting, to say the least. I believe the reporters are simply actors, playing a part and making fiction fact through utterance.  I do feel a bit sorry for those who are burdened with the chore of being “Liberal”, yet again, perhaps the offer of big bucks when America goes “progressive” is simply too attractive to ignore. But, what do I know, sitting out here on a single feather of a right wing, reading GOD’s Word? After all, I’m just another sinner, right?  ummhmmm, Really.  But that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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