Henry Ford did it!

From an automobile with just a few thousand parts, Henry Ford built a huge factory that completed a giant bomber in just 55-minutes. The unbelievable story is available on youtube.com. All of this happened at the Willow Run plant and all of it resulted in hundreds of large, long range bombers being passed into service in defense of freedom.  It takes me a few days to complete a small plastic model. It seems impossible that Ford could place over a million precision made parts into a giant airship and do it within a single hour. They not only built the planes, but they also flight-tested each one before delivering it  to the war front. Check this out and see the proof of the genius that was Henry Ford. Only in America, doncknaknow, Really! Thanks to my friend, Don, for this tidbit of Americana. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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