What is it about ‘Free Ride” that we don’t get?

I was always taught that it was appointed man to die and after that the Judgement. My father always taught me that it was appointed man a job and ater that he bought food, warmth and shelter. Later, it was added that ‘hospitalization insurance’ was offered for sale. FOR SALE, not For Free. I believe the whole traffic jam in Washington is the determination of many Democrats and some Republicans to save the Obamacare FreeRide in order to be reelected, even if there is a bankrupt nation to serve in. Remember, those in whom we have placed the representation of responsibilty, do not face the same financial meltdown as the electorate. Their future is financially secure. They see to that. They do not care about us. They are free of encumberment, by law, which they passed. GOD will not bless a nation who makes people dependent on itself. We should change the description to “House of MISRepresentatives”. Why can’t we see this and stop all this waste of time?  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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