It all depends on the Plumbing

The book of Psalms says we are miraculously made by the creator of the universe and GOD doesn’t make mistakes. If we take two electrical extension chords and, holding them end-to-end, there are two with plugs and two with slots. Wall plugs have slots and that’s good …The way it should be. To make them work, plugs go into slots, period! GOD made each of us, male and female, period! This whole “transgender” issue is illicit. A baby is born and “physically” examined and the obvious difference recorded as a male or female, period. (there are claims otherwise, but they are very rare) That is the only gender to which we belong, period.  Now, the Plumbing doesn’t lie, period. Why doesn’t that settle it?  Adam didn’t awaken from his deep sleep, look across at the other person and say, “Howdy, George”. Even the U S Supreme Court is smart enough to realizes that our Constitution guarantees freedoms based on the way GOD made us. We are missing the entire reason for the difference. Adam and George could have never had a child to join in Praise of our Maker, donchaknow, really. The plumbing is the difference. Viva la Difference!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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