Pound for pound, this young man was wound tightly. He had natural speed and acceleration. He loved to sing and could do so with ease. I had only one year of blessing with the Lamar Junior High Boys Choir. There were some very fine young voices that contributed to one of my most successful years. Norman Luboff had a male chorus that could sing like angels. I included one of his most beautiful songs of the southwest in our contest set. I can still hear those young voices raised in praise to beautiful thought. I wish I still had a recording of that year’s efforts. Titus had a solo in “John Henry”. It was a story song about a giant of a pile-driving man. Billy Smith added a touch of sound effects with a hammer and metal bar. Titus sang his heart out and the whole thing stole the heart of our judge. She was spellbound and just when she thought things could never get better, out walked my 120-voice Girls’ Choir in gorgeous, colorful evening gowns that took our breath away. 7th, 8th and 9th grade ladies who could sing like angels. We swept the sweepstakes out with “This Little Babe” from “A Ceremony of Carols”. I do wish I had kept those recordings. Schools do not make choirs like that anymore. When living in Vegas, the musical performing groups were “Show Bands”. It’s become like that in worship in most churches today, also. I miss a formal, balanced mixed choir, singing praise to a Loving GOD!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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