From Hero to Goat in Six Inningsi

He was ten-years-old and big for his age. He faced life with huge eyes and a trusting soul.  He wouldn’t hurt a flea. He loved his family and could be heard calling out to cars stopped at a traffic light from his favorite Mimosa tree, “Hello, Alice Jean!” or his favorite, “Can I ride with you, Mister Bird, in your red truck?” Once he got into training pants, he would linger at play a bit too long to make the pottie. After firmly warning him that his bottom would be afire should he come into the house with ‘wet britches’, it was much to my chagrin when traffic came to a halt as my boy froliced in the lawn sprinkler with his ‘britches’ folded nicely on the front porch. My Boy is now a fine man with a family and prestige. He is a solid rock of integrity and he is a believer. As a youngster, he was witness to the fundamental Christian belief of the Baptist Faith and Message.  He shared his love for Texas A&M and the Dallas Cowboys with his grandfather and me.  He has a heart for ministry and is willing to get ‘sweaty’ to get the job done.  My Boy has always been a ‘finisher’.  On this particular day, he and his ‘Yankees” were playing the top Little League team, the Cubs, in Titus County.  Coach Stub Davis was their manager and he was just about the most perfect in the world. My Boy was playing center field and had already knocked in six runs to take a very comfortable lead into the fourth inning. The Yankee pitcher was on a roll and only two Cubs had gotten on base when Stub called time-out and asked, “How many innings has your pitcher thrown this week?” A quick check of our scorebook told the tragic story, “He couldn’t continue without a forfeit”. As I said, My Boy was big and strong and even though we had played pitch and catch all his life, he wasn’t prepared to be brought in to face Stubb’s Cubs. I watched as he struggled to even get the ball close to the plate and once the bases were loaded with ‘free passes”, Stub told his team “don’t swing!” From Hero to Goat, I witnessed the maturing of a young man, who even with tears flowing, continued to throw until the seventeenth runner crossed the plate and Stub got his victory. It took me a long time to forgive Stub Davis, but you can rest assured, I will never ‘forget’ the day My Boy showed the world just what kind of Man he would become. On the way home, with his Dairy Queen Sundae disappearing, bite after bite, My Boy turned to me as said, “Daddy, why?” “Well, son, life isn’t fair, especially in Love, War, or Baseball and some men want to win so badly, they will damage relationships to do so.”  As I closed my eyes for sleep that night, I knew – without a doubt – that My Boy was a keeper.  I am uncertain as to who the fellow in the middle is, but the Man on your Right is My Boy! If you have been blessed with a loving, forgiving family as I have, take time to tell them just how “Annointed and Blessed” you really are. And, while you’re in the warm glow of a Loving GOD, give HIM the Glory, Honor and Praise, donchaknow. Really. Thank  you for sharing my most special “Get” from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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