Finally It’s FINAL TIMES

The Bible is the Final Word and Users’ Manual, but since we need some ‘In-Other -Words’ from another human being for validation, here are two more sources of information and worth your perusal:

  • “US” by Paul Genova (available on web)
  • “BIG AGENDA” by  David Horowitz (available on Kindle or paperback)

I have read the Horowitz book three times. I simply do not understand why anyone elected to public service would hate so deeply as to bring about chaos and disaster. I am totally ticked off at the ‘progressives’.  These high level, crafty, sneaky, liars honestly hate the ordinary citizen.  They look us in the eye and stab us in the heart. I’ve beaten this drum long enough. I will do whatever it takes to offer fact and convince the masses to stand against them. I recently appealed to those ot you who read ‘waterwader’, to get involved with The Great American Party.  Perhaps it is a turn-off, but that’s exactly what the Clintons and other ‘leaders’ want you to feel. They get us to turn away and  not ‘get involved’ while they weave their binding of the truth. When politicians speak, someone is lying. A study of Socialized Society will reveal the nasty underbelly of avarice and greed. A frog will sit comfortably in a frying pan as the heat is gradually raised. Conditioned and totally unconscious of the danger, the little guy will cook through and through without knowing it. We have been conditioned to evade conversations that refer to Politics and Religion and we’ve managed to do so very well. It is my belief that both Politics and Religion are ‘man-made’, thus illicit in the long run. Not to confuse ‘witnessing’ for ”religious” discussion, the Bible urges all Believers to share their Faith without Fear. The demon horde has been very effective in squelching truth.  Progressives will continue to carry the banner of promise of better days, but the better days will only be shared by the progressives. We, the deplorables, are expected to be acquiescent and easily intimidated. This will be my last “political” blog.I leave such in the hands of David Horowitz.  From now on, I will wade the water of past experience , observations, wanderings and truth. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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