I have been asked how waterwader came about. Four years ago I began the Google blog “Family Circle” for over a hundred former students, family and friends. After sharing my journey of over hundreds of blogs there, I was led to begin an actual “lifting the shades of my inner rooms”. Confessional in nature, it hasn’t  come easy. To “Tell the Truth in all things” is not natural. “Lying to Protect the Innocents”, comes to mind. Wade is a favorite family name of my son and I. “Wade in the Water” is one of my favorite spirituals. So, I began “waterwader” and went “public”. Aside of its serving as a family journal, I pray it to be a personal message of ministery to the people who walk in darkness. Matthew 28 contains JESUS “marching orders of Go”. So I go on the internet with my story. Inspired by Godly Men of GOOD News and the GOOD NEWS it’s self, I share straight from the heart. I ‘borrowed Forrest Gump’s,”Box of Chocolates”,” donchaknow and really” from my Aunt Myrtle Jones, and off we go. I am going through a bunch of rough physical country and appreciate your prayers, too. “Too Anointed to be Disappointed and Too Blessed to be Depressed”, there still is Stress, donchaknow. I have come through a most difficult time of setback and your prayers have carried me closer to the light at the end. I am in a great healing center and am getting answers. I am determined to continue walking upstream. Pray that I stay with my regimen and WALK THE TALK. GOD will take care of me and you can share in a blessing, by wading with me, donchaknow. Really! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

One thought on “Donchaknow

  1. Strong Faith has been my answer almost 100% of the time these past 3 years. With help of family and friends. I didn’t think it would get better but with time, it has. Somewhat. Sometime.


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