Dr. Earl Jones

I completed advanced degrees, but only due to encouragement from fine educators. Charles Lindsay inspired and provided experience opportunity. George Conry shamed me into shape. Ginny Irvin believed in me. Dr. Bob Lee honored me. Lorena Sanders and Dr.Paul Hensarling encouraged me and Earl Jones shaped me. During my tenure there were powerful administrators and then there were the others. It was my experience that the Peter Principal ruled administrative advancement. There were a plethora of “Good Ole Boys” who couldn’t teach, elevated to supervisory positions. Mostly from coaching ranks, these were easily controlled by those in total charge. Football is “King”, and any upstart music teacher best remember that fact, or else. I chose to do the latter. After two runs at my Masters, I had given up. I asked “Why and Why Not?”, too often. There was no way for me to ‘advance’ in that system, so until Dr. Paul Hensarling created an interdisciplinary degree that required more hours and not a ‘thesis’, I simply labored in love. Against all odds, I passed my degree board test, only through the tutelage of Earl Jones. I have an Hall of Fame of great administrators, such as H. Wilson “Cheesy” Cook, Travis “Mister Lip” Lipscomb, C. B.”Buddy” McGowan, Roger Bond, Carl Bond, Mr. Bird, Jim Anding, Nancy Schurmann and Dr. Yvonne Walker. I’ve also witnessed poor quality control of  Phd. I was honored when Dr. Hensarling called to congratulate me on my Masters and said, “Now it’s time for your Doctorate!” He seemed extremely disappointed by my “Thanks-but-no-Thanks”. I felt bad until I read where new doctoral candidates meant a good bump in departmental budgets. It would mean a lot more without $$$signs, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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