The Carving Knife

  1. Some years ago, while visiting family in North Carolina, I found a bald eagle handcarved out of cypress. Standing just under three feet, she was a beauty. She stood in my backyard and served to remind me of how precious is freedom under GOD.  When leaving my NC home, my eagle found a home in the yard of a dear friend. I missed my eagle and when I found Pete, we reached an agreement on his carving another. “Mercyan’Grace” is GOD’S Greatest Gift to mankind. That MERCY and Grace saves my soul. How can I but constantly look at Pete’s handiwork and find Hope and Joy? How can any intelligently thinking American desecrate  that for which so many brave Americans, make the ultimate sacrifice, to provide? How can anyone fail to accept GOD’S Greatest Gift on His terms? Now, THAT’S a puzzlement and That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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