Tap Tap

Sneaky Pete!  Kilroy IS here.  Nosey Rosey.  STALKED!!   “I’ve Got Your Secret” Invasion of the Privacy Pirates.  We have met the enemy and he is US!  But, no big shock, for me. Embarassed for outgoers since incomers would provide enough Social media to save the necessity for ‘creepy peeper’s’. As the great Indian Chief, Ponder Paunch, said the morning we checked out his fine riding stock, “Ummm, do not step in “Uum Gah Wah!”. 

I’m very pleased that my Loyal Democrat Dad didn’t live to see all this.  I am looking over my shoulder for fear of reprisal since having a private conversation with a homeless person. 

That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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