Mike, the Ford Guy

Some actors are so natural as a spokesman for a particular product, their future is determined. Mike Rowe has worked his way out of one mold and sometimes appears on “Fox and Friends”. Recently, he made a statement, “The way to make America Great Again is to make jobs fun.”  It went viral (doesn’t take much to do so these days).  Isn’t that what The Bible says we are to do?  All of us?

Colossians 3:23-24 ESV, says,Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”

It all boils down to Glorifying GOD, doesn’t it?  It seems to me that if folks had a fun-place to work, they wouldn’t have so much free time to do bad stuff.  More cardboard would be recycled and less marker ink would be used, donchaknow. Really!  So, Mike was right, to a certain extent. Now, let’s let our elected officials do their job. If they would think about it, they’re being very well paid to do so and by ‘working together’, things would be a bunch better for the whole country.  Oh, and the Bible verse doesn’t mention ‘party’ at all! HeeLawzie! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

Show Respect, Be Neutral or Shut Up!

This is a personal note to those who are reporting news, wherever you report the news.  Report news based on facts and stop letting your opinion sneak in.  If you are doing an ‘Editorial’, say so, otherwise report respectfully or keep your mouth shut. I realize some of you are simply too smart for your own good, but ‘what you know’ is much more important than ‘what you think’.  I did news and sports sometime ago, and even though I was/am a Cowboy Fan, I never let my preference creep into any reporting of the Eagles, Giants and Washington. I am an Aggie Former Student, but never did I let my feelings about Teasippers, or Hog Callers or Bears, or Owls, or Ponies or Red Radiers or Horny Frogs, enter into any report. Today, you really can’t tell what is and what is not. Reporters are outright lying and it is being taken for truth. Disgusting, to say the least. I believe the reporters are simply actors, playing a part and making fiction fact through utterance.  I do feel a bit sorry for those who are burdened with the chore of being “Liberal”, yet again, perhaps the offer of big bucks when America goes “progressive” is simply too attractive to ignore. But, what do I know, sitting out here on a single feather of a right wing, reading GOD’s Word? After all, I’m just another sinner, right?  ummhmmm, Really.  But that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

The Man Has Pipes!

I have a very good, talented, friend in Vegas, Les Kincaid (www.LesKincaid.com), who excels in many ways, especially in wines and entertainment. His weekly, “Wines Du Jour”, is broadcast on CRN, internet radio. I worked with Les in his early days of the show. I met headliners on the strip every week and enjoyed superb meals. I could drop a plethora of names, but the one that sticks out most is Grant Griffin. Like many who are too good, Grant has ‘pipes’. I’ve had success vocalizing, but never in his league. One night I joined him and his lady at a popular “sing along” in a major casino on the strip. I had always wanted to attend, but never did. This particular night Grant was drawing a crowd and had never been in better voice. I had never shared my singing experience with him, but after a number of solid songs, I burst forth with “Almost Like Being in Love”.  The ‘talented’ accompanist simply sat and looked at me, threw up his hands and said, “I don’t know that one”???  After a few measures I stopped to devastating silence. All I could do was grin and bear it. Grant was kind enough to suggest, “Want to try another?”, to which I simply shook my head. He continued to perform. As we all gathered at a table for drinks, I said to the accompanist, “Put me in my place, didn’t you?” He smiled, patting me on the arm and said, “That’s the way we do it here.”  Vegas and Houston are ‘closed shops’, donchaknow. You gotta know someone who knows someone to be accepted, regardless of ability or desire. Rest assured I never ‘burst forth’ like that again…until just recently, but that’s another story, donchaknow. But, I can take it, since I’m Too Anointed to be disappointed and Too Blessed to be depressed, Really! Praise GOD for all HIS lessons!  And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

I Love This Place!

Clutter and all!  As an added bonus, I have Miss MattieT with me. Alan was kind enough to allow her to return to her Popi.  It probably was due to the fact that she has a tendency to express her displeasure of being left alone by peeing on his new flooring. She has been good here. I have a long run with railing at each end, here on the second floor, and she has thoroughly enjoyed that. All I have to do is be prepared with paper towel and plastic bag. I’ve not hear another person close by. I do see a welcome mat out a few doors down. I have a new scooter (three-wheel-electric) to be delivered tomorrow. It will allow me to tool around the very large parking area with MissMattieT in her own carseat. My boxes are still all over and there is no final placement of things, but I love this place. Granite counter tops; microwave, fridge, Kuerig, workstation/laptop, and My Kindles. I’ve built two model planes and have some more to go. I will also work on a jigsaw puzzle and write. I am in Plano, Texas in The Savannah at West Gate, Apt 1201. I will also have a ‘captioned’ phone since it is difficult for me to hear a cell. I have pictures to hang and stuff to put away and all the time in the world to do it. Can’t beat that, donchaknow. Really. The Lord is In HIS Holy Temple and If You Believe, That’s YOU! And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

Colleges must be teaching a graduate course in Obstruction

My first date in college was with a senior. She was from Houston and quite experienced. She asked me to accompany her to East Texas State (Commerce) for a football game. We rode up with another couple  and the trip up was of no consequence, but coming home, well…???? I had experienced the slapping away of hands once before, but they were mine. This time I regretted the fact that we were in a two door car. The trip wasn’t a short one, but it seemed eternal to me. Just about the time I was considering just giving up and taking it, she slapped me on the shoulder, calling me, “queer!”  “Whatever”, I thought. As it turned out, she was doing the whole thing as a dare. She and her friends had made a bet as to who could “take advantage” of a Freshman during the trip. I never heard who lost, but, needless to say, I was never “asked out”, again. I did learn a lesson that night. I learned, first hand, what it was like dating an octopus, donchaknow.  Really!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

By George, it was

Soon after George Foreman won the Olympics, we were shopping in Houston when my young son spotted him in the Galleria Mall. Someone had given him a small American flag and as Steven ran to him, he lifted t h e boy, waving the flag.  I just saw an interview where he explained his doing that after winning the Gold in the Olympics.He was only announcing the fact that he was American. For him to be representing the United States of America was exciting, but then to become heavyweight Champ was like make believe. He is a very successful business man today and warns that his punch is still, “Goodnight!”  Isn’t this what made America great?  Isn’t this what we’ve realized we had lost?  The power that propelled our nation into becoming the world’s best was NOT without a price. We still say we’re “Under GOD”, but really are under government!  The way I see it, we need to get back to work, running our own lives, earning through effort. We need to get real and give all “George Foremans” of every color, opportunity to succeed the right way, by earning it the hard way, donchaknow, Really!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

Henry Ford did it!

From an automobile with just a few thousand parts, Henry Ford built a huge factory that completed a giant bomber in just 55-minutes. The unbelievable story is available on youtube.com. All of this happened at the Willow Run plant and all of it resulted in hundreds of large, long range bombers being passed into service in defense of freedom.  It takes me a few days to complete a small plastic model. It seems impossible that Ford could place over a million precision made parts into a giant airship and do it within a single hour. They not only built the planes, but they also flight-tested each one before delivering it  to the war front. Check this out and see the proof of the genius that was Henry Ford. Only in America, doncknaknow, Really! Thanks to my friend, Don, for this tidbit of Americana. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

Twenty Fans a’turnin’

Those still around who had a ticket on “The Bus to Amarillo” have one more stop. If you would like to continue that journey, please leave a comment and follow this blog. Doty, Hardy, Geldart and so many other seats are empty, but a few of us remain. “Side step” aboard!  Grab your seat for a trip to that multiprocessing country place, one last time.


Uncle Virgil Never Heard About ED

Virgil Homer Tabb didn’t even need Testosterone. He was sirring babies in his seventies. He had a very productive farm just outside Winnsboro, Texas. His first wife, Miss Carrie Sanders, was older and had been married before. After she died, my Uncle moved around with crops. Slight and rather short, he could do the work of men twice his size. He landed on a large farm just outside Winnsboro, TX and fell in love with the farmer’s daughter, Flora Mae. Together, they had a bunch of children, the last was just before Uncle Virgil died at the age of 72. His death certificate lists heart failure.Their children include nurses, teachers and drag racers. His oldest daughter and her husband live near Saltilla, Texas.