Fallacy of Freedom

The First Amendment has limits, but our youngsters have been carefully taught otherwise. From our first breath, we have a natural ability to demand what we want. Disregarding need, we demand to be served!  The “character” fabric of our nation is in tatters. We see the horrors of riots and are thankful that they are happening elsewhere. The danger of all this instant information is that is carries  a ‘Fallacy of Freedom’. There is a fine line (a RED line set by GOD) as to just what our Freedom of Speech guarantees. Without deep and abiding love for my fellow man, I have no idea as to when I cross it. I have always known the truth of every matter, haven’t you? It is very simple. I don’t know all I should know about whatever I ‘think’ I know, therefore I should keep my mouth shut and cease acting out. However, I know what “acting out” entails and for me it means crossing GOD’s RED LINE is a BIG NO-NO, donchaknow. Really. As far as I am concerned, “Fallacy of Freedom” is controlled by the condition of my heart in caring for others. As far as I am concerned, it’s a “spiritual thing”. It is not my “natural spirit”, but it’s the “Holy Spirit” and I wasn’t born with it the first time. In very simple terms, had I not been ‘Born Again’ through the soul-cleansing blood of My LORD JESUS CHRIST, I would be in for a world of eternal hurt! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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