The Age is Correct

After receiving over 30 phone calls welcoming me as a man who will soon be eligible for Social Security, I checked my birth certificate. Yep, I am 86!  Why am I being called?  Is it something that comes from ObamaCare?  Even though our congress is attempting to replace the travesty, it seems to still be lurking in the shadows. I finally answered a few of the calls and was greeted with, “Is this Mr. Austin?”. Then they welcomed me since I am about to turn 65. When I tell them I’ve been retired for over 20-years, they all say, “Well, you are not qualified for my offer” and hang up. Sounds like telemarketing, donchaknow. I tried that for a very short period of time and surrendered my call-booth rather quickly. I pray that these calls for enrollment in medicare are legit, really. I just wish I could get on a “NO-CALL” list. Oh, and on the subject of my telemarketing experience….the site was raided and shut down three days after I quit. WHOOOEEE, Praise GOD! My heart wasn’t in it anyhow. I don’t seem to ‘audition’ too well. I recall being called for a “shoot” back in Houston. I had some publicity stills made and in one of them I was wearing a ‘belly shirt’. (I had much less girth back in the show), so when the producer met me, slim at that time, I could tell he was not pleased. He really wanted the fat guy. My check cashed, but I don’t think the results ever made it to production. (I could do that shoot with flying colors today, donchaknow, really) GOD is really Good! My phone hasn’t rung with the medicare welcome since I began writing to you. Thanks a bunch! And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN


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