The Aging Process

Life is the ‘hyphen’ between DOB and DOD for every human being. Life for the believer is the “hyphen after DOB since there is eternal Life after DOD. GOD created me within this temporary shell, to GLORIFY HIM. GOD calls this temporary shell ‘HIS TEMPLE’. There is a benediction in the back of the Broadman Hymnal. We used to sing it as our worship service began: “The Lord is in his Holy Temple, let all the earth keep silence before him”. I led the choir, but it really never penetrated as to just what the Lord’s Holy Temple really was. It was never the building in which we gathered. It was and is the ‘shell’ in which I reside. The building is filled with ‘Holy Temples’, donchaknow. But, wait….every ‘temple’ within the building may not be ‘Holy’. Inside each heart, GOD must reside since GOD is Holy and He has said, “Be Ye Holy as I am HOLY”. We must chose to do so, not in our own power, but through the indwelling of GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT. GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT enters as each of us is ‘Born Again’. It’s a building process.  The night Nicodemus came to Jesus with burning questions, he was told that he must be born again. In the Gospel of John(John 3:7 KJV), JESUS said, “Marvel not when I say that ye must be born again”. So, the dear old hymn at the very back of the Broadman Hymnal wasn’t talking about the building, but the people therein. That brings me to the central theme of this conversation: GOD’s HOLY TEMPLE(s) are AGELESS and that’s a HOOT, donchaknow. It’s time to shout-out with JOY in the HOPE within us! Hey, World! Come On IN! There’s still room at the Cross and there’s always a welcome chair at the Table of MY LORD..Forever!  Really! Talk about a “Lifetime Warranty!!” And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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