The Sound of Silence

For too long, I spent time “Talking with GOD”, but I wasn’t “Listening”. I suppose we’ve all wasted those hours.  Assuming that HE was simply being quiet was my big mistake, donchaknow. I have come to realize that all my chatter didn’t amount to a whole lot of response. Once I began to ‘read’ what GOD has already written, did the ‘Silence’ stop. Just a few minutes in study of HIS WORD and “LISTENING” to what IT says, results in an overwhelming flush of spiritual power. My prayer-time is so much more enriched by simply combining it with “hush-up-and-listen”. (In ‘txt’ talk it’s  ‘hual’)  Therefore, henceforth, the only chatter that matters has a bunch of ‘hual’. Really. Today is one of those days. I recently did all the lab work at my doctor’s office.  He called on Monday, for me to come in for further conversation.  Yesterday it rained and I do not do well with COPD and high humidity, so I postponed his  request of further consultation until today.  I’ve had a quiet time about it and am at PEACE.  All of us who have reached the “Golden Age” (whatever that may be), face these moments.  After ‘hual’, I am rather excited to walk through whatever since  I will not walk alone.  After all, I AM “Too Anointed to be disappointed and Too Blessed to be depressed.”   Dang the cotton-pickin’ torpedos, Full Speed Ahead!   That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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