If a golf club can….

TaylorMade has a golf club with forgiveness built in. It’s pretty hard for me to do that. For some reason resentment simply hangs on. Or is it that I hang on to it? Recent events have convinced me to come over to the brighter side. While enjoying the beauty of Pebble Beach this past weekend, TaylorMade’s commercial put it all into focus. If a golf club maker can build a forgiving spirit into a driver, what does a Gracious GOD do in me? Golfers must be lining up for this new club, ’cause every time they tee off, they must ask for ‘forgiveness’. Why not drive with it built in?  Isn’t it a glorious thing that every true believer has it built in, too? Love and Forgiveness must not be impossible, otherwise it wouldn’t be expected, donchaknow. Really! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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