Sometimes I get pretty deep into my ‘mind questions’. This morning”Love” is on my mind. I ‘love’ a bunch of folks, but how do I know that to be true?  How do I know that which I feel is ‘Love’?  JESUS makes it very clear. HE teaches that all is without value unless it is through “LOVE”.  If LOVE is a feeling, where does it originate?  Was I born “in LOVE”?  I do believe my mother (and every mother) must have cared a great deal to have gone through “the nine months”, but how do they do that? What motivates some person to suffer all those hours?  Why is the miracle of childbirth so very special?  Why do new fathers go bananas?  Why am I emotional every time I see or hold a tiny person (or puppy, for that matter)?  Why do I have the overwhelming urge to kiss that tiny neck of precious babies in the grocery store?  THAT feeling must be the “LOVE” MY LORD speaks about. Now, to my original question.  Have I always had that ‘feeling’ when I told all those people that I “loved them”?  My answer is, “I do not know”.  So, this morning, just to be sure, from deep in my mind, I am going deep into my heart and drawing  “LOVE POWER” from “The LOVER of MY SOUL”.  After all, that’s where I got it in the first place, donchaknow.  Just in case, whatever I have felt to be ‘love’ was ‘sensual’ and not ‘Spiritual’, I constantly pray that what I am feeling and expressing, truly comes from HE WHO LOVES ME ENOUGH TO DIE FOR ME, AND DEFEND ME, forever.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful for everyone to give THAT LOVE, a chance?  May I set the record straight?  In the power invested in me by My LORD, JESUS CHRIST, I Love You!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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