The Christian Life is the experience in Spiritualism that every human being is seeking.  Even though GOD created me, I was never ‘alive’ until I was saved. To look at a new born and think “lost in sin”is simply not easy, yet it is true. GOD empowered me with life and free will, but I wasn’t “his” until I accepted “HIM”.  Respect must be taught. GOD’s TRUTH must be taught. Young children learn by instruction. I learned by example. I recall my first day in East Ward, how confused I was with all the ‘letters’ and ‘numbers’ placed around the room.  Before that, the only time a book was opened or a story told was in Sunday School.  From the time I was weeks old, I was in Sunday School and Church. I never missed a Sunday for eighteen years. I never missed a day of school for twelve years. I did have permission to go to Baylor University as a ‘senior visit’, but I missed only two classes. I didn’t even miss on Senior Day!  When I think about this, I marvel at just how all the childhood illnesses were contracted during ‘holiday week days’. “tis a Puzzlement, donchaknow.  I must have been convicted by perfect attendance when, at the age of six, I responded to the Invitation to “be Saved”.  I spent a number of Sundays elsewhere when in college, but my musical gift put me back into worship when employed as “part-time” singer in various churches. But, from the age of six, I was empowered!  I certainly didn’t make all the right choices, even though “greater was HE within me than he that is in the world”, I had assurance of my salvation. Boy, did I have to ‘repent’!! Prodigal to a fault, this sinner continues to ‘sin’, but, true to HIS Promise, My LORD JESUS stands beside me in defense. Empowered but arrogant, I missed the blessings of true Joy for years. I must be doing something right since HE has left me here to enjoy a good life.  “Too Anointed to be disappointed and Too Blessed to be depressed” is so very true, really.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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