I often think back to my first radio gig at KPDN in Pampa, Texas. Originally owned by the local paper, Pampa Daily News, the station was bought by two businessmen, Coy Palmer and Warren Hasse. Coy and Warren were joined by their Sales Manager, Kay Fancher with a daily unscripted program they called, “This, That, “t’other”. Coy was “This”, Warren, “That” and Kay, “t’other”.  Coy loved to play (by ear) and when school was out, I would join in and sing. (Later, when doing talk at KDWN in Las Vegas, I relied on those memories in participating with Tru Hawkins, Ken Stahl and Mark Edwards in our daily ‘news’ cast.)  When given opportunity to do some consulting for Don Paxton at SAGE in Amarillo, I called KPDN and spoke with Warren. Coy had passed away and Warren was not in the best of health. I was crestfallen when he didn’t recall me. After the uncomfortable call, I suddenly realized that He would not recall Jim Austin. I worked for them as Jay Greer. It was while attempting to do my job at SAGE, that I realized I was lacking in acumen. Looking back, it was a time none of us would recall with joy. The main thing I recall was the introduction to the internet.  One of the techs tried to convince me to join him in the endeavor, but I simply wanted to close my briefcase and go home. The best thing about the whole thing was meeting Don Paxton and his family. Sweet, Sweet people and a blessing to all who know them. I soon after heard that Warren Hasse had also passed away. That was another loss of a good citizen. He and Gordon Mcclendon were masters at re-creating baseball games, broadcasting from the studio, receiving play-by-play by western union. And, that brings about another time to describe the whole thing. I am amazed to realize on  just how many “ground floors” I was privileged to work, donchaknow, really.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN



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