86!  Oh! What a beautiful day! I have absolutely no worry and slept a sound 5.75 hours and am poised to pursue whatever GOD has in mind. I see where POTUS must be doing the right thing since all H— is erupting all around. How disappointed I am in a bunch of folks. They have no idea as to just what ‘New Vision’ can do for all of us. I say ‘New’, when I recognize it is just what GOD intends for The United States of America.  If Donald J Trump is as smart as believed; if Donald J Trump will take instruction from the CREATOR, he will be a blessed breath of fresh air and if the VPOTUS can get him to listen to wisdom, America will be GREAT again. Our ‘greatness’ is ready to overflow from the cupped hands of Almighty GOD. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates and YES, It IS a Happy Birthday!  AMEV

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