Dear Old Reddington

I watch ‘Blacklist’. Except for JESUS, we would everyone be on it. I just wish I could explain things as well as “Red” does. Our present day FBI could use him. He has it all figured out. Last week’s episode shows our ‘main guy’ struggling with “Truth”. He seems confused and if Reddington is confused, my program is in trouble. But, I can relax in the understanding that the same writers who signed a long-term contract will see to it that James Spader will return for at least 100 weeks. Regardless of the mess the adults get us into, the baby is delightfully aging rapidly, week after week. (Even has ‘lines”, donchaknow)  I think it would be very entertaining if, just one time, “CSI(s)”, “Blue Bloods”, “Wallander”, “Longmire” and “Sherlock” would do a mini-series with “Black List”. I bet sparks would fly for sure. Don’t you know egos would bounce all over the place. It is a rather interesting ‘what-if’, though, really. Oh! Here’s what Reddington determined the TRUTH to be, “Truth is as we perceive it”, but of course, it is all fiction. The only problem is that many believe that lie, donchaknow, really. So, to all the brightest and most gifted in the whole world, GOD says “Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall make you free!” I believe the ‘shall’ will only change to ‘will’ in eternity.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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