Divine Preparation

The Muma family ministers to the people of Chad. Tom sends this: “I am amazed at the ability the Chadians have to retell a Bible passage as a story. Being an oral culture with less than a third of Muslims being able to read, sharing the Bible through stories is a necessity. These guys took 15 minutes for what took one hour for Americans to do the same exercise. I think God has put in the Chadian this unique ability that they need to reach their unreached neighbors. He always knows!”   When I was teaching elementary music in Las Vegas, I was concerned that the  Hispanic students in each class would have a problem with the fact that I could not speak Spanish. Much to my surprise, it seemed not to be a problem. Those youngsters picked up our language rapidly. Tom brings to my mind an easy explanation. It has to do with the Holy Spirit. GOD prepares each mind for the challenge of language. It wasn’t absolutely necessary for me to speak Spanish, but it was no problem for the students who spoke it. Their minds were opened and receptive.  When we open our minds to HIM, our hearts are opened to HIS WORD.  How thrilling it must be for the Mumas to witness how quickly the people of Chad can tell of JESUS in story form. How smart OUR LORD was by teaching in parables. There is a hymn that says, “I Love to tell the story of JESUS and HIS LOVE!” Another one says, “Tell me the story of JESUS, write on my heart every word.” I can assume that GOD prepares each heart and mind for whatever we might do or say. If that is true, don’t you think it time to Share TRUTH, everywhere, everyday? GOD’s WORD says, “You SHALL know the TRUTH and the TRUTH SHALL make you FREE!” Here is my TRUTH for you today, “Yes, JESUS Loves ‘you’. Yes, JESUS Loves ‘you’, Yes, JESUS Loves ‘you’, The Bible tells me so!”  GOD made you! GOD loves you! JESUS saves you!  Glory, Halleluia! That’ what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  Sic’em ! AMEN







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