Someone is Wrong

WE now have a President of the United States and he is doing just what he said he would do. “There’s a whole lot of ‘shakin’ goin’ on”, and folks are taking sides and shouting and demonstrating and spouting this and that, and one of them is on the wrong side. As I see it, the whole conflict is about ‘vetting’. There are procedures in place for naturalizing citizens. Immigration has a  procedure. It was working for a long time and then something happened that shut the system down and chaos rules. As I understand the issues, President Trump is not placing an embargo on Legal Immigration. He is simply delaying admission of some folks until a satisfactory procedure can be introduced to see that no bad guys come in. We’ve certainly had our share of misery recently and a 90-day delay is not unreasonable. Screaming insults and slamming folks around isn’t going to change anything. AND… If you think about it…the whole revolt against Judge Gorsuch is illicit since he passed, with flying colors,  through BOTH houses when appointed to his present judgeship. But, this morning “He may not be right for the job”?? Come ON! Someone is wrong, but it ain’t the Judge, donchaknow, really. Too many are listening to the wrong ‘still strong voice”. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

3 thoughts on “Someone is Wrong

  1. Talk to me in 90 days when the Trump administration extends this Order for another period of time. If you do understand what is happening, you would know that most of these individual caught in “Trump keeping his word” were already vetted over 18 to 24 months before being allowed to come to the US. Sure he is keeping his words as he run over democracy…if you are okay with that…”good on you!”

    I can’t wait to see what your box of chocolates will say when you wake-up and finally realise that what you thought was happening was wrong. I hope you have the courage to admit you brought into the narrative devised by a white nationalist provocateur, Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Political Strategist, but then again maybe, you are in full support of a far right conservative restructuring of our democracy!

    Trump continues to play to his base. The 48% that voted for him. But there are 52% who did not vote for him. So what part of the American citizens is he representing? By the way, I did not vote for Trump nor Clinton.


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