Rotten Apples


I apologize to the ‘barrel’. If it is true that one rotten apple spoils the whole thing, then I apologize. It has taken a bunch of hard knocks for it to finally penetrate, but this old boy is rotten to the core. GOD’s Grace and your Forgiveness have brought me this far and I am blessed beyond measure. Chaotic Clutter should be on my shingle. The bad thing is that it totally distresses me, makes me just as crazy as everyone else, but I can’t seem to find the solution. Jack Reacher may be on to something, donchaknow. Really! Right now, as I write this, on my desk is my laptop, keyboard (can’t use the one on a laptop), mouse/pad (hate the one on the laptop), nasal spray, coffee cup, old “dead” PC, printer, old monitor, 7-slot USB hub, two containers of pens, pencils, etc, and a Kindle(charging). To my left, on a 4-foot fold-up table is all my modeling stuff and a desk lamp. Midst and between all this is simply ‘papers’…all driving me to distraction, but I simply do not have what it takes to throw things away and ‘tidy’ up. This is just one corner of my room and I will not go into the other side. There was no college course on divesting, donchaknow, really. It makes me think that America seems to have the same problem. Progressive thinking has resulted in so much clutter from Liberal Teaching, our whole barrel is SPOILED! WE’d best solve our own dilemma by praying for ‘clean hearts’ before GOD throws the whole mess out. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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