A Show of Hands

I am fascinated by the rolling credits at the end of a movie. I am astonished by the masses whose participation must have been important. I was in a movie once. Our credits covered one black & white slide. It was a big hit for two nights in Bryan, Texas. It was written/directed/produced/filmed by  Franklin Q. Dobbs on 16mm black&white Kodak film. Shot on location in Mumford and Six Flags over Texas, the less-than-thirty-minute epic had a huge cast of Channel Three employees. Carol Dobbs, Jim Austin, Norman Godwin, George Shearer, John Scoggins, Leroy Franklin, Jim Mitchell, Wallace Taylor and Alan Woods. Frank became very successful as a producer/director/writer, but in all of his credits, our western is not listed. It doesn’t seem fair, after all the cast/crew invested $16 each for film. Speaking of the ‘crew’, not only film seems to have a multitude doing what nine did, but television news???  At the most, in the early days of Channel 3, our average crew numbered 7. Our whole staff numbered less than 20, including on-air personalities. I don’t know how we did it, donchaknow, really.  By the way, as a micro-wave sputnik from KWTX in Waco, Channel three, Bryan, Texas was one of the very few television entities that showed a profit from day one. Harry was a genius, gentle giant.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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