Warren Buffett’ Savings Plan

A good friend out in North Carolina keeps me updated with some good stuff. He just sent this to me and I checked it out.  It is not only a good plan, it is only fair. Our cost is the time it takes to pass it on. I believe you will like this picture!:

  1. No Tenure! No Pension!
  2. All Congressmen (past and present) must participate in the Social Security System.
  3. All Congressmen can purchase their own retirement plan.
  4. Congress will no longer be given the power to give themselves a raise.
  5. Congress will no longer be given a special health care plan.
  6. Congress must abide by all the laws imposed on the American people.
  7. All contracts with the past and present Congressmen are void, immediately.

I have included audio of Buffett’s entire proposal. I like this. I’ve been saying about the same thing for years. If you consider the savings to all of us, it will go a long way toward living within our national budget. That’s what I get from My Box of  Chocolates.   AMEN

I love it when corrected. Isn’t this what “Come Let Us Reason Together” means?  Kim A, Martha A, Jeanie S, Don B and Snopes corrects when applicable. GOD Smiles!



Please look at these two articles in Snopes about Warren Buffett and the “Buffett Amendment”.  The first gives some information about Warren Buffett and his ‘charitable’ giving.  The second is about the 28thAmendment.  In case, you didn’t notice, I’m not a fan of WB!  I think the man is a hypocrite!  In more ways than one….  It seems only one small sentence of the amendment can be attributed to WB.








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