I am old enough to recall this to be the rule rather than exception. I fear the sin of hatred and animosity has overcome the hearts of my fellow Americans. Complacency, brought about by acquiescence on the part of GOD’s Children, has contributed to the confusion. I will never be guilty of being so ‘political’ as to make my decisions based on loyalty to any particular party other than the “American” party. I will never vote for anyone because of what others may say, nor will I allow any decision to control my action other than that resulting from deep reliance on the WORD of GOD. Disregarding the abominable language behavior, it is important that, as  a nation, we address what ails us.  Self-indulgence and shirking of duty has taken our JOY of LIVING. We have failed to EARN a LIVING, leaving it all up to others to take care of our nation and our needs. It would be good if we each would unite in a common cause, donchaknow, really. May GOD empower us all to live and love in HIS WAY, respectful of elected officials by constant prayer and United and Committed to bring about True Glory to HIM. That is what I get  from My Box of Chocolates  AMEN

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