My First Political Rally

With all the hoopla and press coverage of the election of our new POTUS, I recall my first political rally  on the courthouse square in Mount Pleasant, Texas, in 1938 when W. Lee O’Daniel began his successful campaign for the Governorship of Texas from the back of a flatbed trailer, backed by the Lightcrust Doughboys. “Pappy” O’Daniel began as General Manager of Burrus Mills’ and was instrumental in the creation of the longest running country band all around. The original group included Bob Wills (Texas Playboys and “San Antonio Rose”). O’Daniel was fired by Burrus Mills, even though his efforts made ‘Morning Glory Flour’ a household name. There is a great deal of information about all this history on the internet, so I will simply end with this thought. I stood with my parents very close to the trailer, enthralled by all the rhetoric and great music by one of the most popular country swing bands of the day. I recall the voice of Lyndon Johnson from his closely circling helicopter as he made his appeal for political office. I remember meeting Senator Johnson and being invited to attend the Inauguration of Presidential Candidate Lyndon Johnson, along with my SFA A Cappella Choir, but this last one has the most impact of all. I do not think the words of Donald J. Trump were dark, at all. I believe they were a bright light, illuminating  a very ‘dark’ corner of decades of poor representation by the entire Washington establishment. The thing that shouted the loudest to me was the fact that President Trump has thrown the gauntlet to the entire Washington bunch. (Pardon my plagiaristic tackiness, but what I get is that “WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE”!)  From his mouth to GOD’s ears!  If he can do any other things promised, even the most violent of malcontents will benefit, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

(Oh! We didn’t accept the invitation to perform in Washington, I discovered we would be riding a flatbed trailer in a very cold parade.  Not my idea of ” ideal”)

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