Thank You for Responding!

I seem to have hit a nerve by supporting Donald J. Trump’s presidency. I appreciate all your thoughts and respect you for having such strong feelings about this most powerful office. I am not surprised at the majority of comments in the negative. I am surprised that so many know so much about this man’s character. I have second-hand knowledge of him. While residing in Las Vegas, it was evident that the powers that be somewhat feared his ability to build an empire. I do not know this man’s character, nor do I believe all of the responders do, but we all have an opinion. His demeanor certainly is no surprise. He did his thing all over this nation for many months, without much deviation from reaching high up on the abrasive scale. Accusation and insinuation does not a case make. Donald J. Trump will sit in the Oval Office and what we have seen is what we will get. I am not surprised that he draws so much ire, but I am deeply disappointed in anyone who refuses to honor and respect the  Office of the President of the United States. Some folks failed in ‘bringing up a child properly’! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

One thought on “Thank You for Responding!

  1. Let me remind you that the very man about to assume the that Office…for nearly 8 years disrespected the Office and the man holding it. Trump funded the “Birther Conspiracy”. He has through his own words and actions spoke racist words, spoke of grabbing female’s vaginas, and made fun of a disable reporter. These are not innuendos but actions Trump displayed. You maybe able to over look these things. I cannot.

    Trump is not from a common man experience. Yet, you chose to vote for Trump which is your right. But I have a daughter and know man will ever get my vote when speaking in such a manner about women. I am a man of colour. I am about building unity between all people and will not support anyone attempting to divide us through race baiting.

    The man I knew in my youth at Lamar Jr. High stood for these issues…or so I thought.
    (My Former student is one of my favorites. He and I may disagree, but my decided vote seems to cut to his core. Had there been the perfect man to run in Donald Trumps place, it would have been the same. I deeply respect my friend and his opinion I will defend to my last breathe, but my decision was a personal one of being fed up with a government that had lost touch with the people. The spiraling debt should have been enough to be of concern to everyone, since everyone’s children will be saddled with repaying same. It’s just that simple. Praise GOD we all have the freedom to converse and disagree without changing our deep affection for each other. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. GOD will not be mocked, donchaknow, really. AMEN


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