Dear Mr. President “Elect”

I voted for you, not because I thought you had all the answers, nor were totally right, but I voted for you because you are simply a wealthy common man. I have very good friends and family who are attorneys and I love them, but I am so relieved that you aren’t a lawyer. Legal brains have screwed up America. Avarice and Greed reside in each political office, sucking all the good out of what transpires there, IF the person in charge plays the political game, the results are not for the good of us all. Common sense has long been left outside the gates. I am certain you realize the degree of opposition you will experience. You represent those of us who have been ignored ‘for our own good’ for years. I pray that you will be graced by GOD to do what is right for America. You have the right idea about the condition of our nation, but in all honesty, no man can make America Great Again, alone. If you really want to be successful in keeping your promises, get on your knees and ask for directions from the one-and-only “Great Maker”, the Maker HIMSELF. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. Oh, and one more thing. If, after all your success in making our country Great Again, if you grant a pardon to anyone who has made this country less secure, I will personally purchase the ‘rail’, donchaknow, really.   AMEN

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President “Elect”

  1. Sorry to disagree…Trump was and never will be a common man. You have a right to vote for anyone you choose. He cannot make “America Great Again” because it has never lost it greatness. America has gone through was growing pains which conservative Americans of European descent have fought. I do not vote for Trump nor Clinton. TWO wrongs surely does not make a Right…I will watch as well as be vocal over the next 4 years. Personally, I don’t think Trump can get out of his own way. The Tea Party/GOP will not impeach him but you who voter for him…hold on because it’s going to be one heck of a roller coaster ride…that what my box of chocolates tell me!


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