Sitting Pretty

During my recent Christmas visit with my family in Bryan, my eldest reminded me that Coach Jack Pardee would have taken her to be their permanent baby sitter upon leaving College Station. Martha was simply “the best” and he and his family were disappointed that we would not allow her to accompany them. I’ve always wondered just what her life would have been like had we agreed.  Oh well?  The she surprised me by singing a tribute to one of the best friends any man could have, William P. “Bill” Arhos. Troy Dungan, Bob Huffaker, Arhos and I were inseparable back in the early days of KBTX, Channel 3 in Bryan. Being Greek, Arhos was the perfect subject for the ditty (who do you know who was afforded a tribute by friends that still rings in the annals of mankind?) It went like this(Troy, remember?) “The Fattest Greek in all of the land, Seely Ole Beely Arhos! He drinks very little, but drinks when he can, Seely Ole Beely Arhos! Seely Arhos, Beely Arhos, Seely Ole Beely Arhos! Seely Arhos, Beely Arhos, Seely Ole Beely Arhos, OOOEE!”   Should you find someone (listed above) who can demonstrate the ditty… WARNING!…. It could become habit forming and ring in your brain indefinitely. We lost a “best”friend and truly unique individual in 2015.  Just so you get the picture of just how special Arhos was…He originated “Austin City Limits” on PBS, is a Distinguished Alumnae of Rice University and is buried among Distinguised Texans. That makes him worthy of his own song, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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