Hate Male

We hear a lot about ‘love’ today, but what concerns me is the growing ‘love-to-hate’.  It is my belief that to incite hatred is un-American. I am concerned that a vocal few are influencing the many. Hate, in any form, is destructive. That’s why, as a Christian man, I make every effort to love. I don’t have to like, but I must LOVE. Of course, it isn’t easy to do so. It takes an effort to do it, but my belief is that the provision and ability  to do so is included in the provision of the Holy Spirit. We are now entering a most critical phase of American History. The path we now take will determine just how all of this will turn out. There never has been a more desperate need for GOD’s true believers to pray without ceasing for HIS WAY, TODAY! What the world needs is LOVE and it must be GOD’s LOVE. It’s not our way, but it’s the only way, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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