Shot Ourselves in the Foot

Public schools have lost the battle. Public schools lost when public schools accepted federal funding. Public schools lost the day they surrendered control to the NEA. Public schools may never recover and thus, the trend toward private education. Private education has a very special opportunity to restore absolutes and teach ‘truth’. Private schools will end up in the same shape as public schools if they allow any deviation from absolute truth.  Texas is about to make a big decision that would provide funding for parents to decide where their children would be taught. Should this occur, parents then must accept the responsibility to teach absolute truth in their home. The future of America hangs in the balance and the one thing that can tip the scale is solid educational principles firmly founded on/in absolute truth. There is no room for error in this equation. Our most precious natural resource is our children and we must not fail to nurture them in absolute truth. Good educators have been screaming this for decades. It’s time for us to stop and listen to absolute truth. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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