Finals will never be Final until the Finale

Whatever the results may be, the final ‘score’ isn’t the FINAL SCORE!  The presidential election is ‘finally’ determined, yet there is a continued clamoring of discontent. It doesn’t surprise me that there continues to be such a waste of time. “Liberalism” is alive and very well in America.  Our educational system spews forth confusion as to “absolute”. Demonic power has overwhelmed those who attempt to disseminate truth. Why do you suppose we are in such a mess? I am certain “we” put us here.  By our own power, we have dug a deep hole and we simply keep at it. From Noah on his ladder, we ignore the warning signs and continue to march to the beat of a different drum, proud head held high, onward, yet not upward. With our proud head held high we should deplore the GOD who made us, “Please, open the eyes of your creation, before it is too late and this earth’s final scoreboard is dripping zeros!” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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