What Font Yonder Lurks

What hath Microsoft wrought on us older guys? This new Windows 10 is supposed to be the ultimate and final operating system, and it is rather neat, but what’s with the ‘faded font’?  Why did they make everything so light?  I’m sitting here, writing and can barely read it! According to ‘Cortana’, there is no solution. There is no way to simply make my font BLACK?  Even at 200Zoom, it still isn’t any help. Even when I post, I can’t really read until it comes to me in my mailbox. I’d like a show of hands, please! If you agree with me that this is simply unacceptable, say “AYE”!  Perhaps POTUS-Elect Trump will learn of our dilemma and regulate the whole mess, donchaknow, really. “Mister Trump, put us back on track by giving us our black Font back!” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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