One More ShoutOut

From a old Philco radio to today’s HDTV, the Austin’s house was quiet during Cowboy or Aggie football games. Sam Austin and his brood listened intently to every description and then came video and we could actually witness it for ourselves. Tom Landry simply ‘walked on water’ and when he was let go, 119 S. Church could have had a black wreathe on the front door. My Dad nearly quit the ‘Boys’ that day. We were all very upset, but our love of  ‘the team’ won out and through some very heartbreaking years, we’ve finally gotten our team back to  another chance for the big dance. Even though Dallas leads everyone else, there is  regret that Tony Romo isn’t the one who got us here. I am very proud of him for his willingness to take a position on the bench in support of a Rookie who just may be the hope of returned glory. Only time will tell, but the story is already excitingly enhanced by the tandem of Prescott and Elliott. There are some very challenging obstacles ahead, but win or lose, they’re still my “Boys” and they’re much closer to the good old “Glory Days” than my Ags, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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