“One” is said to be a lonely number, but there are folks who are perfectly happy to be alone and left alone. Living in their “I” world is just exactly what they want and most of us give them what they want. I’ve tried that lifestyle and, to me , it stinks. I have stood in an empty rehearsal room and it’s no fun. Even when one or two join me, it’s still not what makes for a choir.  Since there are four basic voice-parts in choral music, it only makes sense that harmony can be produced when all parts are present. Four makes up a quartet, etc. I prefer at least 12 voices, myself (and no all soprano). Twelve is a most interesting numb er, donchaknow. If you were to make a list of “twelves”, you would come up with a bunch, really. Growing up, I learned that a ruler had 12 inches; mid-day meals were mostly served at ‘noon’ (12); night and day each has 12 parts. A ‘dozen’ donuts total 12. There’s the “Twelve Day of Christmas”; Jesus first selected 12 disciples; Aggieland has the “Twelfth Man” (the Seahawks try to use it, but are discouraged to do so). There’s “The Twelfth of Never”( where a bunch of unhappy folks live) and it is the age when a boy may become a Boy Scout. I had a great girls’ singing group that we named “The Three-Fours” and there were 12 voices. (Later on there was a fine group of young ladies we named “The Sweet Sixteens”, but here were only 12 members. There are 12 grades in public school (even though some attended longer, donchaknow) and some athletic events are divided into 12-minute quarters. Personally, since I be one, I like the tradition of “The Twelfth Man” at Texas A&M (even now it would be more accurate to all it “Twelfth Person”, since there seems to be a bunch of ladies ‘standing ready’. Then again, GOD refers to all HIS creatures as “mankind”, so I suppose it’s OK to include everyone in the “Twelfth Man”.  Well , would you look at the clock?!  I am publishing this at 06:12 and that’s a HOOT. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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