Are You Kidding Me?

I just got a notice from my Granddaughter who is in law enforcement in Texas. It seems all the information available on each of us is becoming a danger. I have had four incidents of Identity Theft in the past few years and all by the same individual. Interestingly, all the fraud was done on the internet. (I would be very surprised to have someone middle-aged and Hispanic be successful in opening a bank account with my name and age, but it has happened and as far as I know, ‘he’ is still at-large). Now, I find that there is a ‘Family Tree’ online that is being used by bad guys. It seems to have much more personal information than is comfortable. I checked and it’s all there. It is at, and it seems to be a favorite of bad guys. It says I have an “Opt-Out” choice, but it takes 48-hours to have information removed. I have chosen same and will check in two days, just in case. It might be good to check for yourself, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get in My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

Rotten Apples


I apologize to the ‘barrel’. If it is true that one rotten apple spoils the whole thing, then I apologize. It has taken a bunch of hard knocks for it to finally penetrate, but this old boy is rotten to the core. GOD’s Grace and your Forgiveness have brought me this far and I am blessed beyond measure. Chaotic Clutter should be on my shingle. The bad thing is that it totally distresses me, makes me just as crazy as everyone else, but I can’t seem to find the solution. Jack Reacher may be on to something, donchaknow. Really! Right now, as I write this, on my desk is my laptop, keyboard (can’t use the one on a laptop), mouse/pad (hate the one on the laptop), nasal spray, coffee cup, old “dead” PC, printer, old monitor, 7-slot USB hub, two containers of pens, pencils, etc, and a Kindle(charging). To my left, on a 4-foot fold-up table is all my modeling stuff and a desk lamp. Midst and between all this is simply ‘papers’…all driving me to distraction, but I simply do not have what it takes to throw things away and ‘tidy’ up. This is just one corner of my room and I will not go into the other side. There was no college course on divesting, donchaknow, really. It makes me think that America seems to have the same problem. Progressive thinking has resulted in so much clutter from Liberal Teaching, our whole barrel is SPOILED! WE’d best solve our own dilemma by praying for ‘clean hearts’ before GOD throws the whole mess out. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN



I miss the innocence of my childhood when people cared about important things. I lived in a time where ‘gay’ meant what it is supposed to mean. It meant ‘without concern’. Lifestyles were private. It was a great time. Keys could be left in the switch of an unlocked car. Doors and windows could be open, 24-7. Prayer Meeting was a “Prayer” meeting, the “Pledge” to our flag and prayers were said daily in schools. Sunday matinees included a cartoon and “Old Glory” flying free accompanied by our National Anthem. Grace was said, as families gathered, before every meal. Folks talked to GOD some and listened more. Bibles weren’t for show. The National Anthem and our flag were honored, respectfully. Costs of things were fair. People had gardens. Drugs were limited to aspirin and cough syrup. Phones were for calling each other and there were very few ‘private lines’.P:ictures were taken with a Kodak.  Nobody considered abortion to be alright. Marriage was between people of the opposite sex. Elected officials may have lied to us, but we only a few high-power radio stations and just three television networks with no ‘creepy-peepers’. Banks loaned money on a hand-shake and the Federal Government was simply “up there sommers”. Candidates visited my east Texas hometown and spoke to a bunch of Titus County citizens from the back of a flatbed trailer. Families attended church on Sunday and most sermons ended with an Invitation. The biggest event, other than Christmas, Easter and the State Fair of Texas, was our Friday night high school football games when businesses closed. The great excitement was the day two of our home-town boys joined the Air Corps and flew their jets down Jefferson at about three-top level. The only “riots” were Martin and Lewis or Abbot and Costello films. The only public demonstrations were making oatmeal cookies in Home EC class. For a long time, all stores were closed on Sunday. I just watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” for the umpteenth time and thought, “That’s what it was like and I miss that”. We can’t turn back time, but we can turn from mayhem, wickedness and stop lying to each other. Let there be Forgiveness and TRUTH on earth, and let it begin with me! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

A Show of Hands

I am fascinated by the rolling credits at the end of a movie. I am astonished by the masses whose participation must have been important. I was in a movie once. Our credits covered one black & white slide. It was a big hit for two nights in Bryan, Texas. It was written/directed/produced/filmed by  Franklin Q. Dobbs on 16mm black&white Kodak film. Shot on location in Mumford and Six Flags over Texas, the less-than-thirty-minute epic had a huge cast of Channel Three employees. Carol Dobbs, Jim Austin, Norman Godwin, George Shearer, John Scoggins, Leroy Franklin, Jim Mitchell, Wallace Taylor and Alan Woods. Frank became very successful as a producer/director/writer, but in all of his credits, our western is not listed. It doesn’t seem fair, after all the cast/crew invested $16 each for film. Speaking of the ‘crew’, not only film seems to have a multitude doing what nine did, but television news???  At the most, in the early days of Channel 3, our average crew numbered 7. Our whole staff numbered less than 20, including on-air personalities. I don’t know how we did it, donchaknow, really.  By the way, as a micro-wave sputnik from KWTX in Waco, Channel three, Bryan, Texas was one of the very few television entities that showed a profit from day one. Harry was a genius, gentle giant.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

Worth Sharing

I really do not wish to come off ‘half-cocked’ here. I have welcomed corrections and contrary opinions from the beginning. I’ve published over 700 ‘Waterwades’ and will continue as long as I can. I have one request for consideration:

I will share your opinion, pro or con. I will not fault anyone for thinking otherwise. My interpretation for worthiness in sharing is to do so IF it edifies the body and is true, based on Scripture. If I ever misquote GOD, you have my permission to point that out. I will defend everyone’s freedom to say or do. I will respect everyone’s lifestyle as it is their personal business, but I do not wish to be beaten over the head by it. Finally, if you favor abortion, transgender, homosexuality, same sex marriage, dump Trump, worship nature, swim nude, trash talk, tatoos, long hair, rioting and looting, that’s your business. I do not fault anyone for personal preference or lifestyle, so relax. My lifestyle is my own and I care less if you follow or disagree. I have enough difficulty ‘walking-the-walk and stumbling over the log in my own eye, donchaknow, really. So thank you for taking time to wade with me and sharing how things are with you.  Unity doesn’t mean “Same in everything”, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get in My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN