..To the sound of a different drum

Thank GOD for ‘individuality’! I just spent three days with my Austin family in Bryan, and even though we all march to the sound of a different drum, we are united by the common thread of love and respect. It isn’t easy for their mother and I to not interfere with their life choices, but THANK GOD, they have all come through honorably and successfully. Too many years shouting ‘Hurt!’ will become a marching song without surrendering to the will of our Omnipotent GOD. Praise HIM for bringing about changing hearts and willingness to forgive. Regardless of the forget, forgiveness will always win out when we place our Faith in the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST! I shall always be blessed by a loving son who lit one little candle. I would love to show you the reasons for my pride and joy, but I respect their privacy too much to follow through. Any photos taken will probably be shared on Facebook by the takers. I am reminded of the great old song (one that was on ‘the charts’ some years back) “It is no secret, what GOD can do”…..I am convinced that with more people ‘forgiving’, things would be so much better, but that will most likely be the case in Eternal Presence, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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