Make Believe is Unbelief

Have you ever, quietly and sincerely, thanked GOD for everything and everybody, good or bad, liked or disliked, rich or poor, ugly or attractive? Have you ever began with “YOU’? I came face to face with ‘me’ and took a look through GOD’s eyes and here’s what I learned:
I was at the top of the list of ‘deplorables’. I was in the champion’s list of bad, disliked, poor (in spirit), and ugly. As a matter of fact, I led the whole bunch. I say I ‘was’ (and still am) hitting 1000, without JESUS. It suddenly occurred to me that “Greater is he that is in the world, without HE that owns the world”. I’ve had some great times when I should have been on my knees in gratitude to HIM who provides, but I soaked in ‘self’ and missed the real Blessing, donchaknow, really. I’ve shared how doors opened and I walked in confidently. I’ve shared how great all that turned out, but it breaks my heart that, at the time, I failed to give GOD and HIS SON, credit. That was sinful arrogance and total disobedience to HIM, yet there is Mercy and Grace and that’s what I am living under. Praise GOD, a prodigal no more! As we approach the celebration of the Greatest Gift to mankind, here is what I believe: IF you do not have JESUS in your heart; if you’ve never asked HIM in, then you’d better do it, otherwise your heart belongs to the god of the world. That is really BAD, no ifs or buts about it, and it isn’t Santa’s List of Good or Bad that is important! That’s not what I get from any Box of Chocolates, that’s what I get from GOD, through HIS WORD. AMEN

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