My Lionel Train

Other than the my most precious Christmas gift from GOD, I recall my Lionel Train with whistle and smoke. It was made more special when my Daddy got down in the floor to run it. On a short, oval track, this little engine and its three cars, controlled by a transformer connected by two wires clamped to the track. It gave me hours of enjoyment. Of course, I had no idea as to the cost of one. According to Lionel History, the one I had cost a whopping $42.50 and today it would cost over $1100.00. No wonder I had to wait six years to have Santa put one under our tree. Sadly, I never truly considered just how big a sacrifice my parents made, just to provide things I ‘wanted’. It always seemed to be easy since I never did without. I seem to recall giving my son that train, but perhaps that, like many memories, was more a wish than an actuality. I do know that had I kept all the toys and such in good shape, none of us would have to go to work, donchaknow, really. The only thing I now have from my early days is a table built by my grandfather that is just over 100-years old. A bit rickety and in need of repair, but still in use. Photographs from long ago have already been distributed to my children, along with memories recorded by our family. Do you remember a time when the real reason for celebration was foremost in people’s minds? I do, and I wish that everybody did, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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