Busy Work

Back in my teaching days, my biggest disappointment was all the ‘busy work’ required of teachers. The biggest headache for me was “Lesson Plans”. Lesson plans are possible for regular curriculum, but for a choral director they are illicit. If anyone ever read them,  I am certain mine were a bit unsettling, they simply said, “Sing in preparation for performance”.  I could list the selections we were working on, but I doubt that meant much to whomever read the things. Every one of my classes was important and I attempted to keep them fresh and of interest, however rehearsals could be pretty boring, donchaknow. The only thing that contributed interest was the next performance. For that, the ‘present’ was the most important time. As I write this, I find it interesting that ‘right this moment’ is called ‘present’. It is the only time we have to prepare for the future. To most folks, the future means ‘next week’ or ‘next month’, but to the Believer, every ‘present’ is a gift from GOD and an opportunity to prepare for the ‘eternal future’, by doing that which glorifies HIM.  All the time spent preparing for any other future than that eternal is a waste, dochaknow, really.  GOD has a choir, I wonder why public schools and most churches don’t? ‘Tis a Puzzlement.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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