38x28x32 15×32

It has been years since I bought a new suit. I  believe it was over 15 years ago, at least. At that time, I recall being most upset that my waste-line had changed drastically. I never thought about my girth until, when my son saw me a few years ago, he began to exercise faithfully. I now would make a very nice Santa. I’ve tried to ‘walk’ as directed, but with only just less than a third lung capacity, it is very painful and I do not do well with pain, so leave it to be said that I would never be featured by any of the national Men’s Wear commercials. That brings me to my point:

Why are all the models so skinny they disappear when they stand sideways?  What does that say to most of the ‘portly’ gentlemen?  What difference does it make? None, of course. I put it in the same category as Santa flipping his sleigh for a sports car or the Lincoln commercials when Matthew Mcconaughey dresses to the nines only to walk out to a swimming pool and fall in backwards. What does that say, any how? It must say something for the advertising agency to give him a choker of a contract, donchaknow, really. Oh well, so much for all this about waste-lines and wasted time. I will share my discovery of some very good Netflix fare from BBC. I’ve shared Wallander and re-runs of their Sherlock Holmes, but there are two more you might check out: “Foyles War” and “The Crown”. “Bully!” as they say over tea and crumpets. Well, I’d best check the chestnuts. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN


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